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Festival Maps

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2012 Dates & Times

Friday, March 2nd

Saturday, March 3rd

Sunday, March 4th


Fair Park, Dallas, TX

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NTIF 2012 - Calling all Local Musicians

The 2012 Performer Selection Committee is now accepting press kits and applications from potential regional/local performers through September 15, 2011. We would like you to respond back and let us know if you or your band is interested in being placed on our 2012 regional performer consideration list.

If you have been at the festival over the last year or two and have no significant line-up change, an email response is all we need. However, if you have experienced a significant line-up change since your last visit, then we require that you submit a new CD and/or demo tracks for consideration.

Please note that at the committee's discretion, you may be required to submit a new CD or demo if it's felt that one is warranted even if you performed at last year's festival. If it's been longer than 2 years since you have performed at the NTIF or you have never performed at the festival, then a press package is also required.

You can submit press packages that should include a current demo or cd, bios, photos, etc., to:

  • NTIF Regional Performer Coordinator
  • North Texas Irish Festival
  • 1920 Abrams Parkway, #382
  • Dallas, TX, 75214